Ignite-A Little Book to Spark Your Big Dreams


You’ve got some big dreams. That’s right. Whether you can remember them or not… those big dreams are in there! You just need a catalyst to help you take that first step or that 101st step. That’s where Ignite comes in. It’s unlike any book you’ve seen before and it lives up to its name. It’s a little book to spark your big dreams.

Come on. Let’s face it. You’ve got things to do. Kids to take places. Parents to care for. Work to get done. You don’t have time to read 400 pages of “how-to” in order to go after your big dreams and goals in life. You just need some simple but powerful ideas… some questions to get you thinking… some stories to inspire you along the way and some very real steps to help you achieve those big dreams!

In Ignite, author Mitch Matthews and visual author Jocelyn Wallace combine stories and questions with whimsical design and inspiring photography to help you to do just that. When you’re done… you’ll have a smile on your face and plan in your back pocket.

“If you want to learn an extremely effective method for dreaming big that will also help you to make your big dreams come true, IGNITE is the book to get you there.”Bob Burg, Coauthor of National Best Seller, the The Go-Giver.