Set Your Rocks

Setting goals, or “rocks” as we call them, is the easy part. But most struggle to get the traction they need because their goals aren’t getting done. Although the barriers seem complex, there are simple solutions to knock them down.

Where does the term, “rocks” come from? You’ve probably seen the demonstration.

There is a glass cylinder on a table. Next to it is a glass of water, a jar of sand, some gravel, and finally — several large rocks.

Here are the metaphors:

  • The cylinder represents the amount of time you have in a day.
  • The rocks are your main priorities
  • The gravel represents your daily responsibilities
  • The sand represents the interruptions
  • The water is everything else that spills into your day

Now, we know it all fits into the glass cylinder. But if we pour them in the wrong order, the big priorities left for last won’t fit.  This is your typcial day.

To get the process rolling, schedule a 60-minute meeting by filling out the contact form. It’s a step closer to starting with the big rocks, instead of the glass of water.