Facilitation – Look Back


As we deepen our appreciation for where we’ve been, it inspires where we want to go.

Take a walk down history lane and reflect on significant milestones the organization has experienced, and create a visual storyboard of achievements and challenges. For when we look back, we gain respect for those before us and feel inspired to make our mark as well.

Red11ProgramSeriesCircles_smallPART OF SERIES: STRATEGIC VISION
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  • Strengthen the group’s awareness & understanding of how we got to where we are today.
  • Explore how the past informs the direction of the future.
  • Build group respect for challenges that have been overcome.
  • Notice the patterns throughout history and identify the factors that contributed to success or set-back.


  • Management team members
  • Board members
  • Team members, both seasoned and new
  • The “historians” of the group

To learn about how the process works: click here.