What We Do


Red Eleven Strategic Facilitations provides a flexible program of modules for leadership teams who want their organizations to achieve more.

Red Eleven will help you focus in three areas:

  1. LOOK BACK – historical timelines help teams gain a greater appreciation for the achievements of the past and the people who persevered through difficult barriers. The Look Back informs our present and our future in more ways than we can anticipate.
  2. LOOK NOW – looking at what we are doing now helps us adapt and pivot with immediacy. As we scan our internal and external environments, we become more aware of what needs to happen next.
  3. LOOK AHEAD – most leaders struggle to communicate a clear vision. That’s why we use a visual approach to help teams create a shared vision so that everyone can work together to make it happen.

Our facilitation program modules help your leadership team form better relationships, provide an open environment for collaboration and create ownership among everyone simultaneously. Differing opinions are extracted, then synthesized and organized, until the group reaches consensus.

And it happens so harmoneouly because it enfolds visually, in real-time.

This creates meetings that are more focused, with high engagement, and frankly, the space to have fun while getting work done.

To learn more about our facilitation programs, use the contact form to request a complimentary 60-Minute Collaboration Meeting.